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TNT lax update - the show will go on!

TNT Family, 

The TNT Board wanted to reach out to share the current thinking related to our upcoming Spring LAX Season. We understand that the State of Nevada is currently evaluating the classification of LAX in relation to adult and youth sports guidelines. We hope that there is resolution soon. However, even if Nevada’s current classification of lacrosse doesn’t change and HSLL is challenged to have a season, TNT will still be playing games this spring. Under the new CDPH guidelines, LAX is a GO! 

Right now our coaching staff are ready to start conditioning/practice on March 15th, and games are tentatively scheduled to start April 15th. We are actively working on clearing the Squaw field at Squaw Park, and the Board is working diligently to ensure our athletes have the best opportunity to compete this spring. Obviously this has been a challenging fall and winter, and we are focused on providing a lacrosse season for all of our athletes in the North Tahoe/Truckee region.  

We also understand the fall sports (Soccer, Football, Cross County) will still be in season in March, and our coaches understand the challenges resulting from the shortened and condensed seasons we are forced to manage. Know that if your athletes are engaged in Fall Sports, the TNT Lax Coaches will be ready to integrate Fall Sports athletes into the teams as soon as a transition is applicable.  

Please let us know if you have questions, and please take the time to REGISTER your athletes on the TNT Website. http://www.tntlacrosse.club/

Sincerely TNT Board

Tim Loper

Brad Chisholm

Sean Flynn

Dana Adams

Mike Rosen

James Clifford

Katie Biggers

by posted 02/26/2021
Spring 2021 Registration Opens Today!

Players, Parents and TNT fans,

We are beyond excited to welcome you all back to the TNT family for the 2021 lacrosse season. Spring Registration officially opens today February 5th. We all know our kids need something to look forward to this Spring, and we are confident that a Spring High School LAX season will happen. We are sympathetic to all the challenges we have all faced in the last year, but with the opening of registration for the 2021 season we are looking forward to providing High School lacrosse once again in the Truckee/North Tahoe Region.

The Board and Coaches have been working hard to establish a program that offers the best opportunity for the kids in the region to be a part of a high quality program with excellent coaches, and high quality competition. Please refer to the current proposed conditioning, practice, and season start dates. Please be sure to read the current updates from the TNT program and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Again, we so very excited to get these players out on the field doing what they all love and will be sure to keep everyone up to speed with any and all updates through our communication channels.


by posted 02/05/2021
TNT Lacrosse

Stay Tuned for updates on Spring 2021


Please take a moment and follow @tnt_high on Twitter.


In order to keep our momentum going and to stay connected throughout the offseason we have started a TNT Twitter account on which we will post schedule s and results for our multi-sport athletes, aspiring thespians, rock stars in the making and future barristers.


We ask that you all send us your offseason schedules for clubs, organizations and sports teams so that we may keep each other informed of opportunities to support our teammates in their non-TNT endeavors.


Preliminary HSLL season dates

  • Saturday April 2, 2021: First mandatory practice
  • Thursday April 15, 2021: First contest
  • Saturday, June 12, 2021: Last contest 


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