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Registration is now CLOSED.

Registration is now CLOSED.

Practices begin this week.
Boys Monday & Wednesdays      530pm to 7pm
Girls Tuesdays & Thursdays       4pm to 530pm
Air Quality will be an issue for the foreseeable future.
Air Quality - An AQI in excess of 125 will cause all TNT sanctioned outdoor practices and games to be canceled.  
AQI reading can be found here at AirNow
Head coaches and TNT Board will determine if practice is safe

by posted 09/14/2020
**** Fall Registration Closes Friday September 11th ****

**** Fall Registration Closes Friday September 11th **** TNT High School Fall Ball starts next week!!!


Hello TNT players and parents,


Hope all is well and that this smoky day is short-lived.


I wanted to send a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for fall ball. Due to Covid restrictions, we must close registration so we can assign groups (cohorts) that will be maintained throughout the fall.


  • When each player arrives at the field, they must have a mask on and will 1st need to check in each practice for screening - Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath, Headache, Fever, Loss of Taste or Smell, Recent Contact with someone with symptoms or positive COVID test.
  • Players will not be allowed to participate if any of these criteria have not been meet.  PLEASE be sure to manage this at home.  PLEASE do not show up if any of these requirements have not been meet.
  • 6’ distancing throughout practice.
  • Up to 14 in a cohort.  Cohorts will be established and utilized for the entire season.
  • NO contact.  Focus of play is non-contact, distanced lacrosse, building fundamental movement, IQ and stick-work skills.
  • Players should go directly to and from vehicles for pick up / drop off without congregating.
  • Encourage kids to keep their distance in lines, and to stay separate on the sidelines during breaks. 
  • Avoid huddles. Masks ON when not playing or drinking
  • No shared food, drink, gear etc.
  • Air Quality (AQI will be addressed daily).  We will try to make a call by 3pm.  AQI 150 or greater will cancel practice for the day.
  • Lightning – Lightning within 6 miles will suspend practice for 30 min.  Practice will resume after 30 minutes of no strikes within 6 miles.


Thank you and see you all Monday,

Sean on behalf of the TNT team

by posted 09/10/2020
**** Fall Registration Closes Friday September 11th **** TNT Hig


**** Fall Registration Closes Friday September 11th **** TNT High School Fall Ball starts next week!!!

Hello TNT players and parents.

Please note that registration will close Friday 9/11. Due to Covid-19 restrictions (see below), we cannot add any new registrations after 9/11.  

TNT boys practice will start Monday 9/14 from 5:30-7:00 at Riverview. TNT boy’s practices will then be every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 at Riverview.

TNT girls practice will start this Tuesday 9/15 from 5:30-7:00 at Riverview. TNT girl’s practices will then be every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:00 at Riverview.

For the 1st week, please show up a bit early so we can go over Covid procedures and check in.  

We will utilize California and Nevada county guidelines:

  • Fall Sports can practice but not compete in games or tournaments.
  • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet must be able to be maintained. Players must check in for each practice and must stay 6 feet apart while getting ready with masks on. Once checked in, players will move into their groups and can remove masks.
  • Players will be assigned to groups of no more than 14 players. These groups will remain the same for the full fall season and groups cannot change or intermingle.

For the 1st practice, please look for your coach for check in and remember to stay 6 feet apart with a mask on. Each team and group will be assigned a designated area to warm up and suit up that will be the same for each practice the rest of the season.

Thank you,

Sean (on behalf of the TNT board and coaches)

by posted 09/08/2020
Fall Ball

Fall Ball!

Hello TNT Lacrosse Club - we have missed you all!
TNT Lacrosse is working to provide a modified version of Fall Ball that is consistent with mandates and is similar to what other lacrosse organizations are doing. We are in the process of securing field space. Once we get this, we will send out an email and post on our website dates, times, registration, waivers and participation guidelines.
There will be no fee for this program and will be open to all current and incoming TNT Lacrosse players.
We anticipate starting the first week in September.
Stay tuned!
If you have specific questions regarding or can lend a hand as a volunteer please feel free to reach out to the members of the Board.

2020 Board Members:

  • President: Stephanie Murphy
  • Vice President: Tim Loper
  • Secretary: Brad Chisholm
  • Treasurer: Tica Lubin
  • Girl’s  Youth Programs and Coach Liaison: Elizabeth Bell
  • Boy’s Youth Programs and Coach Liaison: Sean Flynn
  • Field Logistics: Mark Sura

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